How to make your packaging design more popular with customers





At present,various design schemes proposed by designers are always denied by front-line marketing personnel,but these front-line marketing personnel are difficult to put forward clear concepts for the most attractive commodity packaging,or to provide a more creative outline,but they always bring back one or two packages that they think are sales provocative.In the fancy product packaging,people are always confused.They can't figure out what the manufacturer is selling and how to grasp the design packaging market.

How to impress customers with your packaging design?In today's increasingly serious phenomenon of commodity homogenization,we always hope to use a method to show the original identical products in a differentiated form in front of customers.

Undoubtedly,the packaging design of Tiaoyan will help our products stand out from many competing products by its high sensory evaluation formed by its outstanding visual recognition,and make consumers pay attention,pause,observe,appreciate and produce purchasing behavior.This is also the most ideal packaging design pursued by every business.

Therefore,various design schemes proposed by designers are always denied by front-line marketing personnel,but these front-line marketing personnel are difficult to put forward clear concepts for the most attractive commodity packaging,or to provide a more creative outline,but they always bring back one or two packages that they think are sales provocative.

How to impress customers with your packaging design?The packaging of fancy products is always confusing.When it is unclear what the manufacturer is selling,how can we design the packaging that will impress customers?Thinking about the role of packaging Before discussing the topic of FMCG packaging,it is necessary to think about the role of packaging.Only by clarifying the real role of packaging for products and taking these requirements into account in the specific design can we design a conquering FMCG packaging.

First of all,packaging makes products have a certain shape.

In many cases,it is difficult to display or display products without form,such as drinks,cigarettes and other products.The display cost without packaging design is high and can not reach the expected effect;Secondly,packaging has a certain protective effect on product quality.For example,the packaging of"Qiaqa"cantaloupe seeds has an airtight peritoneum,so that the unique sales proposition of"Qiaqa"and"100 boiled gum"can be preserved.Otherwise,the"flavor"has changed.What do consumers love you for?Thirdly,packaging can differentiate products from competitors.

Easy for consumers to identify;In addition,packaging should also serve as a consumer statement.The special selling points of many products determine that their consumption methods are different.At this time,there must be enough information on the packaging design to let consumers know its particularity,otherwise it will cause poor communication of product information;Finally,packaging makes the product portable.

Take drinks as an example,from bulk to glassware,to PTT bottles today,it is more important to consider the"mobility"of consumption.In addition,the difference in capacity between bottled drinks and paper-packed drinks is mainly due to the mobility of consumers.After understanding the basic role of packaging,it is not difficult to find the fact that the packaging design of many fast moving consumer goods basically only reflects one or two functions of packaging,and there is no possibility to impress consumers.

In a wide range of packaging design common drawbacks,customers always only choose the products they like.In addition to the popularity and satisfaction of the products themselves,the discourse power of packaging design is affecting consumers to make purchase decisions.

With the main functions of the above-mentioned packaging,the packaging will have no worries from now on?In fact,some drawbacks in packaging design often make customers who originally picked up products from the shelf drop their hands and choose other similar products.At this time,we must know where the drawbacks of packaging are?In the packaging of fast moving consumer goods,the common design drawbacks are as follows:the packaging does not highlight the product's sales proposition.The product can meet the consumer's demand and ownership through the packaging design.When the packaging design of a product lacks the theme,it is easy to lose to the competitive products with the theme,which is the product's sales proposition is suppressed.

When a consumer chooses a bag of happy candy,will he choose a brand with festive words and red patterns or a general brand with only words at the same price?The result is self-evident.

The packaging design of some enterprises is undertaken by the printing house,and the design capacity of the printing house is often uneven.The design of some small printing houses is often surprising.

For example,if the packaging of edible plum is clearly designed,but the bag is printed with flowers and plants,consumers will feel puzzled at this time,and will usually give up buying because of questioning the product level after careful observation.

In order to achieve the purpose of differentiation,some products tend to take the"shortcut",that is,they do not form differences through the product itself,but through the"luxury route"of packaging,which often outweighs the gain.

For example,the packaging of a certain brand of poultry eggs looks like luxury goods.Some consumers joke that they can't afford to eat this thing and throw away the box when they buy it,so they simply don't buy it.

It can be seen that the excessive luxury of packaging,if lacking the support of high-quality products,is often regarded as a gimmick,and eventually ends up as a showy result.

The packaging does not conform to the behavior habits of a certain brand of functional beverage in China.The target consumers are people who exercise a lot,but the packaging is glass bottles.

Here is a problem.The glass itself is fragile and is in the habit of protecting your body.The functional sports drink made of glass bottles is obviously hard to be respected.

In addition,some outdoor snack foods often ignore a problem in the packaging design,that is,the packaging is too heavy.Many products lose more market opportunities because of heavy weight or inconvenient to carry,or the packaging is easy to deform.These are the results of ignoring behavior habits.