How to make your packaging design is more popular with the customers





Now stylist puts forward the design scheme is always suffered from a line personnel market of denial,but these a gleam of marketers and it is difficult to give the most temptation of commodity packaging put forward the concept of clear,or provide more creative idea outline,but always give designers back to one or two they think sales inflammatory packaging.Should put them in fancy packaging always in mind,don't know what manufacturers to sell,how can the grip design packaging market.

How to make your packaging design by the customer?In goods homogeneityphenomenon growing today,we always want to be able to use a method,make originally the same goods in differential form show in front of the customer.

Undoubtedly,jump the packaging design of the eye with its superior height of sensory evaluation,which is formed by the visual discrimination will help our products stand out from the numerous competing goods,make consumers pay attention to,pause,observation,appreciates and produce purchase behavior,this also is each business's pursuit of the ideal packaging design.

So the designer put forward the design scheme is always suffered from market frontline staff denial,but these a gleam of marketers and it is difficult to give the most temptation of commodity packaging put forward the concept of clear,or provide more creative idea outline,but always give designers back to one or two they think sales inflammatory packaging.

How to make your packaging design by the customer?In fancy packaging always confusing,don't know what manufacturers are selling,how to design by the customer's packaging?About the packing of thinking action before discuss topics of fast-moving consumer goods packaging,it is necessary for us to think of the role of packaging,only find out the real role in packaging for product,and both these requirements when in the specific design,to design the conquering of fast-moving consumer goods packaging.

First of all,packaging products have a certain form.

In many cases,there is no form of the product is difficult to display or display,such as soft drinks,cigarettes and other products,did not display the design of the packing cost aside,also cannot achieve the desired effect;Second,the packaging to the product quality has certain protective effect.Such as"qiaqia"sunflower seed packaging have airtight peritoneal,such"qiaqia""hundreds of boiled word of"unique selling proposition to preserve,or"fragrance"has changed,consumers take what love you?Again,the packing can make the product different from competitors.

Consumers are easily to produce identification;In addition,the packing should be show effect both consumption.A lot of products have special selling point determines its consumption is not same diameter,at this time there must be enough information on the packaging design let consumers perceive its particularity,otherwise it will cause the product information communication;Finally,packaging products is the portability.

Drinks,for example,from bulk to glassware,has been developed to today's PTT bottle,more important is to consider the consumption of"mobility".Bottled beverages and other beverage package produce differences in capacity,also mainly takes into consideration the mobility of the consumer.Knowledge of the basic role of the packaging again,compare the product packaging around you,it is not difficult to find such a fact:many fast-moving consumer goods packaging design basically reflected the packaging of one or two,there is no possibility of impress consumers.

Packaging design of the common defects in the wide variety of packaging,the customer is always select the product of their own preferences,in addition to the recognition and satisfaction of the product itself,packaging design of voice is affecting consumers make buying decisions.

Takes note of the packaging,the main function of packaging from now on rest easy?Actually otherwise,some disadvantages in the design of packaging,and often make originally from shelves pick up the products customers hand down again,and choose the other similar products,this time must want to know what the disadvantages of the packing?In fast-moving consumer goods packaging,the design of the common defects are as follows:packaging not highlight the selling proposition of the product through the packaging design can satisfy the demands of consumers and ownership,and when a product's packaging design theme are scarce,it is easy to lose to have the theme of the competing goods,this is the product selling proposition is restrained.

When consumers choose bags and joyful,he will choose the same price with words and festive red pattern of brand is generally only words?The result is self-evident.

Pulling some connotation of packaging design and product packaging design is borne by the printing plant,and the design of the printing plant capacity is often uneven,small printing design often startling.

Such as Ming eat the plum packaging design,but on the pattern of the flowers and plants on the bags,consumers will feel puzzling,this time after the careful observation usually because questions about product level and give up buying.

Some eye candy packaging design products in order to achieve the purpose of differentiation,"shortcut"is often used to go,no differences are formed by the product itself,but rather through the route of"luxury"of packaging form difference,but often do more harm than good.

As a brand of eggs,packing up like luxury goods,has joked that consumers buy back to eat this stuff,that box also reluctant to throw,the results just don't buy it.

Thus,excessive packaging costly if there are lack of quality products to support,is often as a stunt,eventually fall a flashy unheralded results.

Packaging does not conform to the behavior of domestic a certain brand of functional beverage,its target consumers is heavy,and the packaging is glass bottle.

There is a problem,the glass itself is fragile,in the protection of own body behavior,glass bottles of functional sports drinks is obviously sad.

Moreover,when some outdoor leisure food packaging design tend to ignore the problem,is the excessive packaging,many products or because of the large weight is not easy to carry,or packing easy deformation and lost more market opportunities,these are all ignore the result of behavior.