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Xi'an Shuangjian Packaging Co.,Ltd.is located at No.5151,Bisheng Road,Caotan Ecological Industrial Park,Xi'an Economic Development Zone,and mainly produces food packaging made of PP,PS,PET and other materials.The main pollutants discharged are the organic waste gas volatilized by the use of ink in the color printing process.According to the characteristics of the production process,the company installed an organic waste gas treatment equipment in the color printing workshop,with a total investment of more than 300000 yuan,which was installed and put into use in 2015.

Design principle and basis:select the type according to relevant national laws and regulations;

Parameters of organic waste gas:1.Benzene,maximum allowable emission concentration 1mg/m3;

2.The maximum allowable emission concentration of toluene and xylene is 15 mg/m3;

3.VOCS,the maximum allowable emission concentration is 50 mg/m3.

The process principle is high-energy photon catalytic oxidation.In the equipment,the ozone and OH(hydrocarbon radical)generated by the reaction of high-energy photon beam with air decompose and oxidize the odor gas,and the macromolecular odor gas is converted into odorless small molecular compounds or completely mineralized through photodegradation and catalytic oxidation to generate water and CO2,which are discharged into the atmosphere through the exhaust duct after reaching the standard.

Process flow chart:

Our company entrusts a third party testing agency to test the treatment effect of the equipment,and the gas discharged after the detection and treatment completely conforms to the relevant national environmental protection requirements and standards.The number of the third party's inspection report is:Yuanfang Inspection(HJ-Q)No.2016-481;Yuanfang Inspection(HJ-Q)No.2017-041;

Our company takes environmental protection as its own responsibility,conscientiously implements the relevant national environmental protection laws and regulations,and earnestly achieves the goal of reaching the emission standard of environmental sanitation in the plant area.Now our company's environmental protection projects are publicized to the public,and we welcome the masses to give us supervision,and put forward valuable comments or suggestions.Thank you.

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