Character design of packaging design





Like advertising design,packaging design can sometimes without graphics,but you can not do without text,the text is to convey the essential elements of packaging design,a lot of good packaging design is very pay attention to the words,or even completely in text changes to handle the packaging picture.

Packaging text mainly has the following several aspects:

Basic text:packaging brand,name and enterprise name.General arrangement on the versions of the main display,production enterprise name can also be programmed in the sides or rear.Brand font generally make normalized processing,help to set up the product image.Name text can be decorated.

Data:text including product composition,capacity,type,specification,etc.Arrangement of parts in the side of the packaging,more on the back,also can be arranged on the front.Design print must be used.

Caption:product use,usage,maintenance and matters needing attention,etc.Text content should be concise,font should use block letters.Don't usually arranged in the front of the packaging.

Advertising words:this is a propaganda TuiXiaoXing text content characteristics,the content should be honest,concise,lively,avoid by all means cheating and hassle,the arrangement of parts of a variable.However,advertising is not the necessary text text.

A,packing type design

Chinese calligraphy font has the very good performance,embodies the different personality characteristics,is the vivid language in the packaging design.

Printed font was clear and easy to argue more widespread application in packaging.Chinese characters printed on the packaging is the main song typeface,bold,variety body and round black body.Different print has different style,characteristic has the very good effect to performance of different goods.

In the packaging design using the most abundant and changeable or decorative fonts.Decorate the body in a variety of forms,changes its form mainly changes shape,strokes,structure,image changes,etc.According to different commodity content should be effective choice.

Packaging design,choice of font in general should pay attention to the following points:

Word attribute characteristics of physical style should reflect the base content.

Font used good recognition,readability,especially the application of calligraphy.Look not to understand to avoid the general consumer,should be carried out to the adjustment,improvement and make it acceptable for the popular,and do not break its artistic flavor.Pay attention to the content of the same name,the same font style should be consistent.

Outside the text in the packaging design,for the packaging of export commodities,or sell the packaging design of the word,inevitably involves the use of foreign language.The words most involved in the packaging.The characteristics of this text is based on letter word formation,twenty-six letters have big and small.