Create a unique product packaging





Personality is now pursued by the companies and consumers,for the uniqueness of the packaging to attract consumers is larger.After investigation now consumers when choosing products(without considering the brand)is 80%according to the shape of the appearance of the product packaging color and 20%decided to other shopping decisions and to see the packing of the product is key for the enterprise,how to make your own brand of product packaging more unique is also very important,that how to build the enterprise the uniqueness of the packaging?

1.The market research to find the direction

First to other competitors for enterprise products in the industry related products analysis of the packaging of the investigation,collecting packing with distinctive features,and overall analysis on the packaging industry,looking for the breakthrough point and orientation of packaging design,to ensure that the packaging unique and personality.

2.With the unified brand image

Packaging design must conform to the brand temperament,enterprise culture connotation,can't distinguish product packaging alone,part of the product packing also belongs to the brand image,enterprise is unable to independently design,it must conform to the overall feeling.

3.Reasonable use element

The use of elements,with the progress of the society,also began to change to the requirement of packaging design,consumers are now like simple fashion generous or is the use of the antique Chinese elements,these packing now welcome degree is higher,consumers attract degree is bigger also.And in the use of product of brand elements,use must have a key,the arrangement of elements in less as far as possible,make overall packing can as far as possible less complicated picture.Elements must be reasonable collocation,brand name or product name should be highlighted other distinctive introduction should also be highlighted.

4.The unique design

The unique packaging design.In numerous packaging in the many brands,how can you highlight the products of this enterprise and brand,is to be on the uniqueness of the packaging design,can be used in the unique design,colorific is unique,with different from other products with strong and products comply with color;On the shape of the packaging,now a lot of packaging design is using common packaging design,packaging design will not be able to attract the consumer;Change in the material of packaging,if everyone a cloth I whether can be replaced by other materials,as far as possible to reduce the conflict with other brands.

Packaging design is only the outer packing of products,it also display the enterprise culture,brand image,the quality of the packaging in the eyes of consumers a lot of times is reflected the quality of products,packaging ideas also reflected the brand.The role of the product packaging is actually pretty big,not only show the brand image,or product sales booster.Enterprises should pay more attention to product packaging design,make a with the company culture characteristics,in line with the brand image,packaging but with distinct features.But remind enterprise is not too much cost on it.