Handbag design if reflect a "creative"





"Originality"and"innovation"is mentioned in today's world has the most words,almost cannot leave the design and manufacture of all products;They are changing and lead the people's aesthetic view;The handbag designer if break the routine,creative out of one of the most novel,individual character,surprisingly,shock,actual effect of packing bag?This is the designer strength test.

Bag printing design,should be aimed at the product subject of handbags,fully understand the product of the practical idea and other characteristics;The whole bag traditional style or The Times feeling is presented;The use of material is paper or natural objects of nature;Should be considered early good;Handbag positive general is given priority to with company LOGO and company name,or the company slogan;Focus on brand,expand sales;Design should be the pursuit of novelty,avant-garde idea;As reflected the traditional style of design can choose the traditional Chinese painting,calligraphy,sculpture,paper cutting art,etc.;Creative fashion style needs to break the routine,and can be combined with the daily life of common common goods or other ways to make the vision illusion,to attract attention won one hundred percent of the heads;Handbag ultimate purpose is to make customers eyes;To lead the higher the more successful designs;Handbag designer play to your imagination,seeing much creative sometimes comes from life.