Alternative experience of packaging cartons





Alternative experience of packing carton,what is the alternative,that is,before you come into contact with the corrugated carton is slightly different,but also can bring you 20%on the cost of thrift and provide a better user experience.
At present,the center of the world packaging packaging carton has the following three alternative experience:heavy tile packaging carton,zippers,high network cable carton.
A,tile packaging cartons
1,the definitions of tile packaging
Heavy packaging,full name:high strength heavy corrugated carton packaging.Is made of high strength heavy duty corrugated board,through professional packaging machinery and equipment production of corrugated box,its features are:strength,high hardness,high quality printing,recyclable,environmentally friendly.Is wood packaging,metal packaging upgrade alternative products,is China's packaging industry transformation to a low-carbon economy to one of the major decisions,especially in mechanical and electronic products packaging is more emphasized in paper and wood packaging.
2,packing type
In China,the paper generation of wood packaging materials mainly corrugated cardboard,honeycomb cardboard and paper pulp molding three categories,the core material is high strength heavy duty corrugated board.
3,generation of packaging application range
High strength heavy corrugated paper board as paper and wood packaging materials,in the industrial products of all kinds of packing has been very high market share,because of its mature production technology,equipment,light weight,low cost,green environmental protection product,size,specification changes easily,look for high quality printing,recycled as a renewable resource,so the use scope is more and more widely,mainly used field are household appliances,bicycles,electric cars,motorcycles,medical equipment,electrical machinery,metal fittings and so on mechanical and electrical products,followed by furniture,civilian products and special industrial products,etc.At present in China's domestic sales of home appliances,bicycles,electric cars,motorcycles and other mechanical and electrical products has been basically realize high strength heavy corrugated carton packaging,annual output reached 1.5 billion square meters,accounting for about 3%total corrugated board production,saving 4 million m3 of wood,paper and wood packaging in China plays a key role,accounted for 70%of the total generation of wood packaging.In the development of high strength heavy corrugated paperboard at the same time,also in actively promoting the development of honeycomb cardboard and paper pulp molding.[2]
4,tile packaging technology parameters
For the further development of heavy duty corrugated board in the paper for wood packaging,through innovation in the heavy duty corrugated board technology in China has made positive progress.Currently the most widely used is 3 to 5 layers of corrugated cardboard,requiring high strength heavy duty corrugated board using 7-9 layer.To improve the bearing capacity of the corrugated cardboard,corrugated board will freely crisscross stacking forming composite cardboard and unilateral two level paper composite multilayer composite corrugated board,etc.,and present a new type of heavy duty corrugated paper box,it chooses super three layer of corrugated board material,four corners,and between the outer box,paper corner protector for strengthening support,box set of whole bearing can reach more than 8 tons,is a common ideal alternative to export cases.
5,packing equipment
In terms of production equipment,innovation to develop the cold molding corrugated board production line.This production line is advanced"carbon-free"production line,without any heating equipment,molding corrugated paper at room temperature,so as to achieve maximum energy saving.This production line without boiler,coal,steam heating,no pollution,no emissions,reduced the production cost,increase the cardboard strength,realizes the low carbon,high efficiency,energy saving,emission reduction and environmental protection benefit.
6,heavy packaging materials
In terms of adhesive,innovation to develop the cold molding corrugated board of starch adhesive.The corrugated board is starch,starch adhesive polymer,superfine packing ternary system,have the characteristics of low gelatinization temperature,glue to finalize the design can be completed at room temperature,good stability,high bonding strength,high efficiency,energy saving,emission reduction,environmental protection,is definitely starch adhesive in the corrugated board industry new breakthrough.
7,heavy packaging category
In heavy tile production,such as the reference group has developed a"nano particles renewable mud paper","seven heavy high-strength waterproof layer corrugated paper board"and"new electronic products,paper pulp molding packaging materials","new molded pulp cushion materials","heavy mechanical and electrical products of special cases","automotive air conditioning parts packing","automobile brake bulge boxing","special packing aluminium foil products"and so on more than 30 patents of with paper and wood packaging products and patented technology.Divided by the number of paper and wood packaging products,the company also actively develop a variety of paper for wood furniture,such as paper desk,office chair,paper shelf,paper display,etc.According to statistics,the company in terms of with paper and wood,for the society provides the heavy duty corrugated board(box)and paper pulp molding 20 million square meters,to save timber 500000 m3.
8,packaging and paper for wood
To the development trend of paper and wood packaging in China will be more and more important,more and more attention,input and output will continue to go up.In order to make the paper generation wood to play a bigger role in low-carbon packaging,will be to focus on developing in the following three aspects:
(1)the development of high bearing capacity with paper and wood packaging new products;
(2)the development of high efficiency,low energy production technology and production equipment,improve production efficiency,reduce production cost;
(3)strengthen to paper and wood packaging standardization system construction,and give full play to the standard for the development of the industry to support and standardize the role.
Above all,to the development trend of paper and wood packaging in China will be better and better,which not only continue to a much larger contribution of low-carbon packaging,as well as the development of Chinese packaging industry to provide more new areas of growth.
9,tile packaging carton display
Second,the zipper cartons
1,the zipper cartons are defined
Full name:zipper type corrugated carton packaging.Is made of corrugated board,through professional packaging machinery and equipment production of corrugated carton,its characteristic is:beautiful appearance,environmental protection,anti-theft security,can reduce logistics costs,can improve the efficiency of logistics delivery.Under normal circumstances,the carton is positive with zipper,use only according to the directions on the box zipper pull out gently,carton immediately open,can prevent the opening process of heavy and complicated,facilitating the clients to take the goods.
2,the classification of the zipper carton box
(1)the bottom of the self-locking type zipper cartons
(2)the plane cartridge zipper cartons
(3)the whole lap zipper cartons
(4)the ordinary zipper cover type carton
3,zippers carton advantage
(1)beautiful appearance,environmental protection;
(2)an open box,change numerous for brief,enhance the user experience,improve enterprise brand;
(3)reduce the cost,the link can save 50%electricity logistics packaging packaging time,reduce the comprehensive cost of the 20%;
(4)improve the efficiency and ability to ascend 2 times daily delivery,can help enterprises rapid delivery;
(5)the security guard against theft,resistance and compressive strength and avoid man-made destruction.
4,zipper carton applications
Zipper carton is divided into A,B and E,E tile is in the majority,it is mainly used for clothing,shoes and hats,cosmetics,pharmaceutical,cosmetic and general merchandise,etc.
5,zipper carton production matters needing attention
(1)the zipper carton height not less than the half width,and easy to break;
(2)the zipper width of zipper carton minimum is 18 mm;
(3)the zipper lock bottom type of carton size is not greater than 1100 mm;
(4)three layers,only do not do 5 layer,due to the 5 layer is too thick,not easy to open.
6,zipper carton raw materials selection
Zip the cartons materials generally for high-strength corrugated base paper,box board and kraft paper,double-sided adhesive,etc.
7,zippers carton production enterprises
The world packaging center
8,zipper carton equipment
Automatic tape machine and all devices used on the ordinary carton
9,zippers carton display
Three,high network cable carton
1,high network cable cartons are defined
Full name:high cable corrugated carton packaging.Is made of corrugated board,through professional packaging machinery and equipment production of corrugated carton,its features are:high precision,high network cable,high efficiency,low consumption,low prices.Is between common watermarking and color printing products,is also China's packaging industry propaganda environmental protection product.
2,high network cable carton advantage
Ahhz high mesh watermarking machine YMW7-1224,for example,mobile whole servo precision 7 color printing die cutting machine,is the present domestic pigment,color kind of the most highest printing die cutting machine;Is an alternative to offset printing,high-end ink printing presses,can be used for all kinds of packaging carton printing production.
Its advantages can be summarized as"two low",namely cable and high accuracy and high efficiency;Low consumption and low price;
High precision,high alignment precision of+/-0.25 mm;
High line:130 lpi of high definition;
High efficiency:
(1)have a"paper-dust-printing group(7)-drying-polishing-dry again-slot die cutting-build-up"on-line to complete the high efficiency production structure;Can provide all kinds of mainstream printing size,such as 1300*1280,1850 by 1280,1850*1280,etc;
(2)to achieve the full computer control,without shaft driving,high precision printing technology innovation,energy consumption,process and production time is shortened a lot;
Work 8 hours(3)it can produce five and sixty thousand,and its use will greatly reduce the manufacturer's production cost,improve work efficiency.
Low consumption:use water-based ink,ink printing without residual pests,and UV light oil directly on the paper,and compared with the previous ink is not easy to rub off,belong to the one-time molding technology,to produce a product can be recycled.
Low price:large-scale,high efficiency production and low cost control;
Note:suitable for carton printing ink's for two reasons:one is the result of corrugated cardboard fiber loose intertexture,water imbibition is strong,water-based ink transferred to the board surface after easily penetrate dry,do not need to set up the drying device,because water-based ink,non-toxic and harmless,non-flammable,use of safe and convenient,cost is low.
3,high network cable carton printing requirements
High cable corrugated water-based printing is a comprehensive system of coordination with the process,not just by which one part have to do is to do a good job,it requires the related parts such as plate making,ink painting,corrugated paper and paperboard,printing equipment,printing and so on adjustment and cooperate with each other so as to achieve a relatively optimal value,so you can print out a fine product.
4,high cable carton material requirements
To reach the effect can be comparable to those of offset printing had better choose coated white board paper.Because of coated white board paper has good smoothness,imprinting more shiny,bright.Ordinary whiteboard paper surface gloss,print color is bleak.In addition,and unlike offset paper and coated paper,coated white board paper it retained part of the white board paper features--same permeability and adhesion,is advantageous to the water-based ink printing.
Cardboard can choose uniform thickness,smooth paper,moisture control in 9 plus or minus 2%,good hardness of cardboard.E,F or G corrugated,deserve to go up about 180 G/m2 G tissue.Such low corrugated cardboard,cardboard level off,can bear greater pressure,reduce the pork ribs false phenomenon such as grain,imprinting,improve the quality of printing quality.The coated white board paper can be provided by the Finnish paper company,guangdong has several domestic manufacturers can offer.
(2)the ink
Ink is the key factor in the printing process.For four-color overprint high line live thing,must attach importance to the choice of ink.Coated paper printing ink is different from ordinary ink,it mainly requires the following features:
Good fineness,points clear,design is exquisite;High gloss,bright color,luster;Low viscosity,no plugging,ink,and graphic clean,refreshing;High content of color-color full,connotation is rich.Good adhesion,anti-wear,no fading;Good flow smooth,uniform color,no bottom;Quick drying,fold the color effect is good,without dragging flowers;Good dieyin,good compatibility between the various color natural,harmonious,rich layers.
5,high network cable carton equipment requirements
(1)the scraper
Can finish high cable printing presses must be have a scraper,also requires sealed double blade,and keep the effectiveness of the scraper scrape,in order to accurately control the ink.
(2)the drying
The drying device is important new printing equipment configuration.Because ink penetration on the coated paper by dry significantly slower than ordinary whiteboard paper,multi-color nested asked for color ink drying as soon as possible,before after color to fold,so either advanced printing machine adopts air cooling unit dry or increase the distance to have enough time to dry,the board or equipped with infrared,UV drying device,etc.
6,the requirement of high cable carton printing operation
(1)closed loop road
Closed to prevent ink and ink road excessive contact with air,prevent ink ingredients volatile,oxidation,dissolve into bubbles,etc.Maintain the stability of ink composition to complete high quality printing.
(2)the high line checker ink roller
This is the most important condition to realize high network printing,one of checkered line number is higher,it can print out the network cable is high also,at the same time,the ink is also small,help to reproduce fine highlights.
Suction paper,all the adsorption paper can improve the paper smoothness,smooth paper,guarantee the accuracy,ensure the alignment precision.
(3)liner(line between the plate and the version of the roll)
Better liner can buffer and regulating pressure,small branches,increase plate life.
7,high network cable carton printing operations
Stress-stress is one of the key control elements during the course of printing.Pressure adjustment must be just right,light is insufficient,will cause the ink color slants shallow,uneven color,grinning,virtual boundary;Stress can lead to plugging,dirty version,burrs,dot enlargement,dark,dark images.
Preach of ink,ink quantity can be changed by controlling pressure,ink viscosity and metastatic to adjust.Ink transfer amount in addition to influence the accuracy of color,the size of the also with imprinted dry,fold and color on the surface and adhesion performance has a direct relationship,must be careful to grasp,to make high-quality goods.
Color series,four primary level version dieyin on coated paper,usually the best color sequence is:C,M,Y,K.Black is adjust the complementary color of light and shade levels,enhanced stereo feeling,usually on the last;Yellow transparency is better than C,M,and so on after printing;Water-based ink imprinting gloss than oily ink is poor,this is also a weak compared with offset printing,flexo printing.From shallow to deep printing color series,the product the overall effect will be more bleak.By deep to shallow printing,the color will appear bright,bright;To prevent"color",after we put the printing process color pigment,jumped into the former color group ink fountain phenomenon is called"into color".Dark"jumped"to the light color,light color ink scrap;Light color"jumped"to the dark,impact is not big,so from deep to shallow color sequence must be used.
Machine speed-due to the specific condition of equipment is differ,cannot treat as the same.We usually in practice according to the truth,the machine speed control in 6000 PCS to 9000 PCS/h.Too slow can appear a large quantity of ink,color slants deep,dry too much;Speed is too fast will appear dry,fold color difficult,dirty brought flowers,set a is not allowed.
With special wash liquid circle rubbing plate-to prevent corrosion hard ink plate,to keep the plate clean;Network is a circle,so want to use the method of circle to clean;High Internet version of the site is very young,want to use special washing liquid,carefully wipe.
8,high network cable carton instead of the trend of the offset printing
With the new equipment,new materials,new technology constantly emerging,corrugated cardboard printing technology is becoming mature.In direct printing and off-line pre printed corrugated cardboard as the main characteristics of the carton packaging production technology,with its high quality and long single low comprehensive cost,short cycle of high efficiency,green environmental protection and other advantages,has been widely used in packaging field.They replaced the offset,to some extent and become a trend.