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Products sell well in four packaging design tips
Product packaging design is usually the first impression of the brand for people,this is why those successful companies have been trying to adopt innovation,remarkable and unique packaging design,the collection of the four characteristics of packaging design,hope to bring the packaging designers design inspiration
Alternative experience of packaging cartons
Alternative experience of packing carton,what is the alternative,that is,before you come into contact with the corrugated carton is slightly different,but also can bring you 20%on the cost of thrift and provide a better user experience
Create a unique product packaging
Personality is now pursued by the companies and consumers,for the uniqueness of the packaging to attract consumers is larger.After investigation now consumers when choosing products(without considering the brand)is 80%according to the shape of the appearance of the product packaging color and 20%decided to other shopping decisions and to see the packing of the product is key for the enterprise
Handbag design if reflect a "creative"
"Originality"and"innovation"is mentioned in today's world has the most words,almost cannot leave the design and manufacture of all products;They are changing and lead the people's aesthetic view;The handbag designer if break the routine,creative out of one of the most novel,individual character,surprisingly,shock,actual effect of packing bag?This is the designer strength test
Three is suitable for the environmental protection food plastic packaging and printing ink
With the improvement of living standards,people puts forward higher requirements on food packaging.Ink as printed material,when it is used in food packaging,must abide by the principle of free transfer.Food packaging shall not use conventional printing ink,printing manufacturers must ensure that all after printing ink solvents
Character design of packaging design
Like advertising design,packaging design can sometimes without graphics,but you can not do without text,the text is to convey the essential elements of packaging design,a lot of good packaging design is very pay attention to the words,or even completely in text changes to handle the packaging picture
How to make your packaging design is more popular with the customers
Now stylist puts forward the design scheme is always suffered from a line personnel market of denial,but these a gleam of marketers and it is difficult to give the most temptation of commodity packaging put forward the concept of clear,or provide more creative idea outline,but always give designers back to one or two they think sales inflammatory packaging.Should put them in fancy packaging always in mind,don't know what manufacturers to sell,how can the grip design packaging market
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